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Commercial Balance

Profile information:
Model: TM-A
Brand: Yousheng
basic information
Label Printing Scales Series
Release time:
Product Description
1, PLU format: fresh code, item name, item number, unit price, fresh days, weight, barcode, department, amount, discount, additional text, etc.
2. Two keyboard faces (function keys and hotkey zones) can be used at the same time or alternately;
3, 112 * 2 hot keys, one-button can be quickly operated; memory 16M;; can store 8 kinds of label formats; 12,000 items; 12,000 pieces of information;
4, the printing module is all steel type, the structure is strong, not easy to deform.
5, communication port: Ethernet (factory standard 60*40 specification paper)
6, full pest control design, to prevent foreign matter from entering the machine weight caused by various faults, is very important to the aquatic sector;
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Label Printing Scale
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