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Label Printing Scale

Profile information:
Model: SM110P
Brand: DIGI
basic information
Label Printing Scales Series
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Product Description
1. Memory: 1M/2M, can store 4000/8000 items of information;
2. Bar code: built-in 15 barcode formats;
3. Adopt high-speed thermal printer, high print quality, fast speed, with double-sided display arm, beautiful and applicable, preset 56 keys;
4. Product information can be stored more than 6000, the content of the product library can be customized by the user;
5. Users can flexibly set printing parameters, barcode mode, and print format parameters according to their needs;
6. With 56 preset quick keys, it is convenient to transfer the goods;
7. The label format design is simple and convenient;
8. According to the PLU number of the product, the sales weight and sales amount can be counted, and the department and cabinet group management can be realized;
9. There are a variety of discount methods, which can be used for various promotional activities, and can print out the pre-depreciation amount and the discounted amount;
Has a TCP/IP network mode;
10. The PLU library, print format, shortcut keys, department, cabinet group, description information, date clock, etc. can be edited manually or by computer, and the data can be transmitted or uploaded through the network;
11. The information exchange between the scale and the scale is realized through the RS232 serial communication port.
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Label Printing Scale
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